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Am I a Bad Pet Owner If I Let My Puppy Sleep in the Bed With Me?

Q: We just got a 2-month-old puppy. We are crate training her and know it’s important to teach her that it’s OK to be on her own, so she doesn’t develop separation anxiety. But she’s so cute! We know that eventually she will end up sleeping on the bed with us. How soon is too [...]

Train My Puppy Before or After a Walk?

What is the best time of day to train my dog? Should I train him before or after his walk? My problem with training him before walking him is that he is too excited to pay attention, but I worry that he’ll be too tired after. Getting to go on a walk is often the [...]

6 Commandments for Puppy Training, Plus the Worst Time of Year to Bring One Home

Q: I’m a college professor, which means I have time off over the holidays. My kids are grown and gone with their own families far away, and my marriage is a thing of the past. I have done my homework, and I know “the experts” say Christmas isn’t a good time to raise a puppy. [...]

The Top Puppy Housebreaking Tips As Veiwed Through a Trainer’s Eyes

We’re bringing home a new puppy. Do you have any suggestions for house training? Patience is key when it comes to housebreaking because every pup will pick up the process at his own pace. And unless a dog is taught where to eliminate, he’ll look for any spot that’s convenient and safe, which often ends [...]

Five Important Training Tips for New Puppy Owners

Having a well-mannered dog begins with laying a firm foundation for good manners during puppyhood. Ideally, puppies should be brought home at around 8 weeks of age. As soon as the puppy is taken to his new home, training should begin. Although potty training and destructive chewing are commonly addressed puppy behaviors, these five often-neglected [...]

Preventing My Puppy From Biting Me

Q: My puppy bites me all the time. The bites aren’t hard, but I really want to break her of this habit. Any suggestions? A: Your puppy uses her mouth to explore her environment, since she doesn’t have opposable thumbs to grab items. As part of this exploration, the puppy learns how hard she can [...]

Help! My Puppy is Chewing Up My House!

Q: Ever since I got a new puppy, my house has been a disaster zone! How do I keep him from chewing everything in sight? A: Although puppies epitomize cuteness, they can also symbolize destruction, particularly when they are teething. In the same way that teething is painful for babies, it’s also uncomfortable for [...]

Potty Train Your Puppy In 5 Simple Steps

Until puppies are born house-trained, you’ll have to start putting your potty training plan to work as soon as the little one comes into your home. Successful house-training requires setting up a potty schedule, limiting a puppy’s roaming options to areas you can supervise, showing your pup the area you want him to use and [...]

The Use of Crates for Training Puppies

We took our puppy to a class at the pet store, and the instructor urged everyone to use a crate for house-training. Is it really fair or kind to keep a puppy in a cage? Old ideas can be hard to eradicate, even when better ones come along. That’s certainly true when it comes to [...]

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