Sadly, It's Time to Say Good Bye!

Hello!    It's been 11- 1/2 years since I started this Paula's Loving Leash journey!  It has fulfilled me beyond my wildest dreams.  Animals have always been my passion.  I have met and made friends with lots of amazing people too!  It warms my heart when these people put their trust in me to care for their "Furbabies"  and not to mention going into their homes.

None of this  would've ever been possible without my awesome and devoted husband Mark!  He did all of the grunt work, ie, building my website, all the necessary forms, insurance, etc. (You know, what I call all the "BORING STUFF")  LOL!  I was able to focus on all the "FUN" stuff: loving, caring, making dog and people treats, etc!  For that, I am eternally grateful.

This business has tons of highs and unfortunately, some lows.  For instance, when the sweet babies that I have come to love, pass away .   Breaks my heart every time!

So it's bittersweet to say so long to Paula's Loving Leash.

It's been a REAL BLAST!      Love to you all--Paula