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Mark Randazzo

Meet Carmel and Saber

I have to introduce you to the 2 craziest, adorable kitties that I had the pleasure of caring for last week! Carmel’s coloring is so beautiful, and he’s so sweet and loving! ! Saber is super handsome & quite the character!! They both love to climb on their carpeted posts! I had fun with these…

Meet Ms. Molly!


Meet Our Newest Client–Francis


This is Licorice and she is in charge!

Why Does My Dog… Look Guilty?

We often assume that our dogs feel guilty because of the way they act when we catch them doing something they’re not supposed to do. This guilty look — which we are all familiar with from various Internet memes — is frequently perceived as a canine acknowledgement of wrongdoing or as an expression of remorse.…

Meet Our Newest Clients–Jyn


Meet Our Newest Clients–Bailey and Guinness!

Meet Our Newest Client–Mack’s Sister Sadie!

Meet Our Newest Client–Jasmine!

Thai Ridgeback

The Thai Ridgeback is a primitive breed that originated in Thailand and was first brought to the United States in 1994. The dogs were used in Thailand as watchdogs, to pull carts, and to hunt vermin such as rats and dangerous prey such as cobras and wild boar. Like most primitive breeds, they can be…