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Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

The playful, affectionate Cornish Rex is a small to medium-size cat with an extraordinary appearance, from his egg-shaped head and curly whiskers to his short coat with bent hairs. The unusual wavy coat comes in many colors and patterns, including bicolor (one color and white) and tortoiseshell.


Did You Know The Cornish Rex Has An Egg-Shaped Head?

The Cornish Rex’s soft, short, wavy coat is the product of a spontaneous natural mutation, a not uncommon occurrence in the world of cats.

The Cornish Rex isn’t the victim of a hair stylist experimenting with permanent wave solution. His soft, short, wavy coat is the product of a spontaneous natural mutation, a not uncommon occurrence in the world of cats. The first known Cornish Rex, named for his coat’s resemblance to that of a rex rabbit, made his appearance in Cornwall in 1950. It’s not only his coat that distinguishes the Cornish Rex. He has an egg-shaped head topped with large ears, big eyes, curly whiskers, and unusually long hind legs.

You just know that a cat who looks like this has a sense of humor, and you can expect that he will exercise it at your expense. The Cornish Rex is a highly intelligent, highly active cat who loves to be involved in everything you’re doing: he will climb to the highest point in the house to survey his domain, steal food to fuel his antics, and play fetch — anything, really, that will bring him attention and applause. He can learn just about anything you can teach, although you may find that he is a better trainer of you than you are of him. He’s always on the go, so don’t think that you are acquiring a sweet, quiet lap sitter when you bring the Rex home. This is a cat who speaks his mind. He might not speak English, but he definitely knows how to get his point across with a glance, gesture, or vocal riposte.

With his playful, outgoing nature, the Cornish Rex is a good choice for families with children, other pets, or frequent guests. He is a good traveler and makes an excellent therapy cat.

You may hear that the Cornish Rex coat is hypoallergenic because of its texture, but that is not correct. Allergies are not caused by a particular coat type but by dander, the dead skin cells that are shed by all cats (and people, for that matter). There is no scientific evidence that any breed or crossbreed is more or less allergenic than any other cat. Some people with allergies react less severely to particular cats, but no reputable breeder will guarantee that her cats are hypoallergenic.

The Cornish Rex is well suited to any home with people who will love him, play with him and give him the attention he seeks. Keep him indoors to protect him from sunburn, cars, diseases spread by other cats, and attacks from other animals.

Other Quick Facts About The Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex looks sleek, but when you pick him up he is surprisingly heavy.

His body temperature is the same as that of any other cat, but because of his light coat, he feels especially warm to the touch.

The Cornish Rex has a head that is about one-third longer than it is wide.

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