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Li Hua

li huaThis attractive cat has a wide, diamond-shaped head and large, almond-shaped eyes of green (preferred), yellow or brown. He’s sturdy with a strong body, big paws and muscular tail. A tiny black spot on the corner of the mouth extends the line of the mouth, giving the impression that the cat is smiling.

The Li Hua has a reputation as an excellent ratter — an important job for Chinese cats — and this ability is even called out in the breed standard, which says “No rat can escape its sharp claw, agile body and strong neck.”

The breed’s purported agility is also described in the breed standard: “The Li Hua should be able to jump in the air and turn around twice before landing.” Get that cat a spot on an Olympic gymnastics team!

The Li Hua is typically a people-loving cat with a great disposition. He can be a gentle and devoted companion to adults and respectful children alike.

Quick Facts

  • In his homeland of China, this cat is known as the Li Hua Mao and the Dragon Li.
  • The Li Hua’s coat has ticked hairs: black at the root, lighter in the middle and brown at the tip.
  • A Li Hua can take as long as 3 years to reach full physical maturity.
  • Chinese owners have been known to hold weddings for Li Hua cats.

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