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The Importance of Play For Your Kitten

Kittens are known for their frisky behavior, running, climbing, pouncing and pawing. This play is actually a vital part of normal development, helping the young cat develop social, predatory and locomotion skills that adult cats in the wild would need. Play Behaviors in Young Kittens When kittens are still with their mother, their play is…

Your Kitten at 0-7 Weeks

That soft, fluffy fur, her sweet little paws, your newborn is the perfect little bundle of joy to complete your family. So, if you can’t resist counting her fingers and toes (she should have five claws on each front foot and four on each back foot, unless she’s polydactyl), don’t be alarmed. You’re just bonding…

Your Kitten at 8 to 12 Weeks

Hello, world! Your furry feline friend is ready to explore. His adventurous nature can be a lot of fun — and it can also get him into trouble. He has some pretty intense kitty boot camp and socialization lessons to learn from his mother and siblings. Physical and Mental Development Your kitten sleeps a lot…

Your Kitten at 13 to 16 Weeks

Most kittens are well suited to go to their forever home at 13 to 16 weeks. If you adopt your precious pet sooner, she may miss important developmental and social lessons from her mother and siblings. Here is what you can expect from your feline friend over the next few weeks. Physical and Mental Development…

Your Kitten at 4 to 6 Months

His fuzz gives way to a sleek coat. His eyes change from baby blue to mysterious cat shades of gold or green or even ice blue. Yes, your kitten is growing up. And he’s blasting his way toward adolescence. Physical and Mental Development During the next few months, your kitten’s deciduous, or baby, teeth will…

Your Kitten at 7 to 9 Months

So you’ve brought home a new kitten — now what? Don’t panic. Despite their reputation for aloof and regal attitudes, cats are social creatures and make loving, affectionate pets. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know to keep your young cat happy and healthy. Physical and Mental Development At 7 to…

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