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Meet Our Newest Client–Colt

Meet Our Newest Client–Clive

Meet Our Newest Client–Mila

Meet Carmel and Saber

I have to introduce you to the 2 craziest, adorable kitties that I had the pleasure of caring for last week! Carmel’s coloring is so beautiful, and he’s so sweet and loving! ! Saber is super handsome & quite the character!! They both love to climb on their carpeted posts! I had fun with these…

Meet Ms. Molly!


Why Does My Dog… Look Guilty?

We often assume that our dogs feel guilty because of the way they act when we catch them doing something they’re not supposed to do. This guilty look — which we are all familiar with from various Internet memes — is frequently perceived as a canine acknowledgement of wrongdoing or as an expression of remorse.…

Why Does My Dog… Lick Other Dogs’ Muzzles?

What could be cuter than your puppy giving his doggy pal a smooch on the nose? Nothing, really. But is your dog actually planting a kiss on his buddy? Yes, but that’s only one reason your dog may lick another dog’s muzzle. What Your Dog Wants During an introduction, a timid and lower-ranking dog will…

Why Does My Dog… Hate Having His Paws Touched

Despite the fact that dogs’ feet are pretty tough, canines are still sensitive about having their paws manhandled — especially if it involves toenail trimming. Dogs who’ve had their nails trimmed too aggressively may react negatively when they spot clippers in the future. This makes sense given that mammalian extremities — the feet, ears and…

Why Does My Dog… Eat Poop?

Dog eats poop. Pet owner gags. Dog eats poop again. Pet owner runs screaming from the room. Yes, it’s disgusting. Yes, it’s potentially unhealthy. And, yes, it’s fairly common in the animal world. A pup will eat his own poop for a number of reasons: He thinks it smells and tastes good. (Dogs are notoriously…

Why Does My Dog… Drop to the Ground When He Sees Other Dogs?

Dropping to the ground is “a play solicitation,” says Sharon Crowell-Davis, DVM, DACVB, professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia. Dogs use body language, including several play solicitations, to communicate their intentions. “One of [these solicitations] is to just drop to the ground, and one of them is what we…

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