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Ellie Mae

My name is Ellie Mae Renee Randazzo.
I was adopted by my wonderful parents (Paula & Mark) 14 yrs. ago. when they found me at the Chicago Animal Control Facility
on a warm Sunday afternoon in August.
My Mom ( Paula) loves me very much. I love her too, but get quite annoyed when she hugs and kisses me all the time.
My Dad (Mark) plays fetch with me everyday when he comes home from work and I love every minute of it!
I usually don’t like when people walk past my house, I am very protective of my home! I watch the squirrels, birds & rabbits out the window most mornings, wishing all the while I could get outside and chase them! No such luck, so far.
My Sister (Steph) comes over alot and I get very excited when I see her, and sometimes I piddle from all the excitement! She loves to bug me get me riled up! and even though she makes me anxious sometimes, I really look forward to seeing her, but don’t tell her. * wink *wink*