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The 12 Most Talkative Dog Breeds


While some people seek quiet canine companions, other dog owners prefer a pup with something to say. And these dogs have plenty to talk about!

We asked 218 veterinary professionals which popular breeds they deemed most talkative, and these 12 were at the top of the list. Although it’s important to keep in mind that many dogs can be louder than average if allowed to become nuisance barkers, these dogs are known for being rather vocal. Did your favorite talkative dog make the list?

No. 1: Beagle

The might be best known for his nose, but this scenthound has what his fans call a “musical” voice. He’ll sing along to sirens and bark when strangers come to the door, but if you keep him active and occupied, he shouldn’t feel the need to serenade the neighborhood at all hours.

No. 2: Miniature Pinscher

She might look like a scaled-down , but the is her own dog. She’s a fireball who loves toys and makes a great watchdog, but she’s best suited to an experienced owner prepared to manage her willful nature.

No. 3: Pomeranian

Clever, adaptable and generally happy, the is the smallest of the Spitz breeds — but he thinks he’s a much bigger dog. He enjoys some snuggle time with his family, but he’s busy and active and won’t be content as a purse pooch. Although his bark isn’t deafening, it can be difficult to stop, even with training.

No. 4: Chihuahua

The is a sassy little lady who can be an excellent, albeit tiny, watchdog, but she can be quite yappy if not properly trained. She can also be high-strung, which may lead to nipping and biting (in addition to barking) when she feels frightened or threatened.

No. 5: Alaskan Malamute

The joyful and friendly is a world-class leash-puller and sheds like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, there are few fences that can contain him due to his expert digging and climbing skills. He’s known to howl along with sirens or talk to you with “woo-woos” but isn’t typically a nuisance barker.

No. 6: Siberian Husky

It was no surprise to see the on this list. After all, one of our favorite Internet celebrities is . This is an active, happy and affectionate breed who is generally too friendly to be an effective watchdog, but you are likely to hear her howl along with sirens.


No. 7: American English Coonhound

The is renowned for his speed and endurance, according to the . This member of the hound group is a hunting dog who needs regular exercise and typically gets along well with humans and other dogs.

No. 8: Miniature Schnauzer

She might be small, but the has a larger-than-life personality and can be counted on to alert you — loudly — to anyone at the door. She is smart and athletic and makes a wonderful watchdog, and although she has a natural tendency toward barking, that can be curbed through training.

No. 9: Basset Hound

The good-natured needs to do little more than look your way with his pleading gaze to get what he wants. His short legs and long body make him less active than his fellow hounds, but he still possesses the classic hound howl, which he’ll use to full effect if left in the backyard away from his family.

No. 10: German Shepherd

The is a natural protector who has been known to perform pretty much any job available to dogs. She is intelligent, fearless, athletic and needs an owner who will give her focused attention and training — otherwise, she can end up lonely, bored, destructive and loud.

No. 11: Yorkshire Terrier

The might be classified as a Toy breed, but make no mistake: This is a Terrier, through and through. He is a big dog in a small body and makes for a determined (and boisterous) watchdog, and even when properly trained, he’ll never be totally quiet.

No. 12: Bloodhound

The is probably most recognizable as the baying dog hot on the heels of the dastardly criminal in the movies. But at her core, she’s sweet and lovable, even if she does produce more drool than you’ll ever be able to mop up. Her man-trailing ability is so great that her “testimony” has even been accepted in select court cases. Like the other dogs who made this list, she needs to be well-trained and kept entertained in order to stop her from barking out of boredom.

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