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Summer Activities to Cool Down Your Pup!


Dogs love to be outdoors to stretch their legs and exercise with you, so consider these activities that will prove to be fun to both humans and pups alike!

Bring out the bathing suits and the sunscreen lotion, because summer is here and the sun is staying a while! As you and your family experience the heat, it may be tempting to hide indoors with the air conditioner blasting. But there are a number of ways that all of you (including Fido!) can go out and cool down while enjoying the sunshine. All those tan lines and sweat will be worth it when you see how happy your pooch is to be playing with his favorite person in the world.

Spend the day at the beach or the lake!

There’s a beach or a lake near you that will allow dogs to run free. Pitch an umbrella and lay down some towels, while your dog sprints through the waves and makes new friends. Jump from docks or build sandcastles; there are a limitless number of things your family can partake in. This is the perfect summer activity that everyone can enjoy, as if you had your own tropical island to lounge in. We’ve also listed dog friendly beaches in some major cities in the US in our City Guides page.

Transform your backyard into a summer paradise.

Whether you have a pool or not, it’s easy to use your backyard as a playground. Turn on the sprinkler and let the kids go wild. Allow Spot to run around with the hose and play tag. You can also purchase dog toys that soak up water and be frozen, which gives your pup something to be refreshed from for hours. Throw a picnic and make one of these delicious ice-cold treats for your dog while you lay back on a chair with a lemonade in hand.

Attend an outdoor screening.

Movies outside with the cool summer breeze and your dog by your side? Sounds like a lovely date night, wouldn’t you agree? Look into outdoor screenings that your city might host, because there are a lot out there during this season! Los Angeles certainly has a bunch of festivals and events that feature movies. Since this is usually in the evening, it will be a nice way for Fido to cool down from the day. Grab the popcorn and a blanket; this is the cool summer activity to do this year!

Go on an ice cream run!

There are a lot of ice cream shops popping up all over town that are creating frozen delights for your pooch to lick up. In New York, for example, there’s an ice cream truck called the Frosty Pooch and it’s just for dogs! Check out our City Guide for places that carry yummy goodies for your pup, or you can even make your own pupsicles.

Take a boat ride into the sunset.

Chicago allows dogs on their ferry tours, or you can rent your own boat and kayak to take out with your FURst Mate. Especially if you don’t have your own pool or access to a beach, this is a good alternative option to get some sun and let your pup show off his dog-paddling skills.

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