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Gone But Not Forgotten


It breaks my heart when one of my client’s fur babies pass away ☹ even more so when this particular client just lost one of their other babies (Dega) just over a year ago. So sad. So heartbreaking 💔 So sudden.
Asha was an energetic, silly, sweet, treat loving girl! I will miss her twirls and how she pranced around her lovely yard! Asha was also the burp champion of the group! Her loud burps always made me laugh out loud.
She was the only girl and loved her brothers – Ronin and Colt
She will be missed, run free and twirl away sweetheart. I will always love you & will never forget you 😍
Auntie Paula

I can’t believe I am posting another death of one of my sweet babies 🙁 This is Dega, he passed away quite suddenly last week, I am heartbroken, as is, his family. I take care of these 3 shelties 4 days a week, the black and white one is the only girl, her name is Asha and her other brother is Ronin 🙂 I am sure they will miss their brother very much. Dega was the laid-back Guy, he loved my peanut butter treats, and he loved running up the slide in his lovely backyard to sit up on the little deck and check things out.

I will never forget this handsome boy, he was a mini Lassie ! 💙

RIP sweet boy, I will always carry your memory in my heart ❤️ Love, Auntie Paula


This is the worst part of my “job” 😢

This beautiful 16-1/2 year old girl’s name is Daisy ❤️ She was one of my longtime vacation clients, and she passed over the rainbow 🌈 bridge yesterday 😢

She was so peppy for her age !!! She loved treats, and was just an absolute doll!!! I took care of her ( & her late sister, Sophie) many times while their family went on vacation. So sad to lose these sweet, always loving, and happy babies 😢

Her family is heartbroken, but so glad they had her in their family for 16+ years!

Rest sweet Daisy, I will miss you 😢

Love you,

“Auntie” Paula


I received some sad news on Sunday, this sweet, funny, loving girl passed away. Her name is Licorice, and she had 2 shelties brothers & 1 sheltie Sister – Dega, Ronin & Asha They were so patient with Licorice!! She wanted pets from me and would sit in my lap and if the pups came near she would meow loudly and smack them with her paw. She never hurt them, but it was so comical to watch. I would say, “be nice to the pups, so they make you mad ?” and I swear it sounded like she said yes 😊

I will miss her terribly! She had the coolest personality. I would pick her up and kiss the top of her head, and tell her I was sorry, but I had to leave 🙁 Her Mom & Dad are heartbroken 💔

Love you to the moon and back Ms. Licorice, run free!! Auntie Paula XO


I received a text last night from one of my clients informing me that they had to put their sweet Brandy girl down yesterday. This is always the hardest, & most heartbreaking part of my “job” 😢
I know the whole family is grieving her loss 💔
I had the pleasure of caring for their sweet girl and her late brother, Dino, an adorable Rott, and her new brother ( Rott) Finn. He’s a big, ole sweet teddy bear 😍
I am sure Finn is lost without his sister 😞
He always looked for her when I would put him inside, to take Brandy around the front of the house to make it easier for her to get up the stairs even though she was an elder girl, and had arthritis, she wanted to take a walk
Thank you for allowing and trusting me to care for this darling, she will forever have a place in my heart ♥️
Run free now sweet girl. XO


I had the pleasure of caring for this big, sweet guy about 4 times over the past year or so while his family went on vacation. Just 2 weeks ago I cared for him & his “sister” Brandy. His name is Dino, and he was a gentle giant and I fell head over heels in love with him. His family had to put him down this past Thurs morning. He had Bone cancer & this poor baby was in too much pain to go on any longer.

His family is naturally devastated.

RIP my sweet Dino, I will carry you in my heart forever .

Kitty 2016

Just found out this sweet 18 year old cat (vacation client) had to be put to sleep.(So hard to lose our Furbabies!)

Her name was Kitty (a.k.a. Grandma) and I cared for her about a half dozen times or so during the last few years.

I am heartbroken. As I always say–this is the toughest part of my “job”!

RIP sweet Ms. Kitty O’Malley, you will be missed.

This sweet girl is Sophie.
I took care of her & her “sister” Daisy a few times over the last year or 2.
I received an email from her “Mom” Cheryl on Jan. 24th, telling me the sad news that they had to make the tough decision to put Sophie down due to kidney disease.
Heartbreaking news.
I will miss this silly, barking, sweet, nosy little beagle.
She always made me giggle when she chose to take the little wooden bridge as her preferred path to the yard!
As I have said too many times, especially lately, this is the worst part of my “job”.
I will keep a special place in my heart for this darling girl.
I am happy to have known you and cared for you.
Auntie Paula

RIP Murphy

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