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FDA recalls pet food after at least 28 dogs die, 8 sickened

Several pet food products have been recalled after 28 dogs died, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced. Three brands of Sportmix products for dogs and cats, made by Midwestern Pet Foods, may contain potentially fatal levels of the toxin aflatoxin, the FDA said in a news release. As of Wednesday, the FDA said it is…

Meet Carmel and Saber

I have to introduce you to the 2 craziest, adorable kitties that I had the pleasure of caring for last week! Carmel’s coloring is so beautiful, and he’s so sweet and loving! ! Saber is super handsome & quite the character!! They both love to climb on their carpeted posts! I had fun with these…

Meet Ms. Molly!


Meet Our Newest Client–Francis


This is Licorice and she is in charge!

Asha has a new “white” spot on her! She loves the snow! Such a pretty pup!

Bo and Scooter getting out on a chilly day!

Why Does My Cat… Snore?

Snoring in cats, while not as common as in dogs, is usually caused by some kind of partial obstruction in the upper airway. The low-pitched sound, called stertor, usually results from soft tissue or fluid interfering with the smooth passage of air through the nose or throat. As in people, it may be just positional…

Why Does My Cat… Scratch Furniture?

Cats scratch furniture for a number of reasons. Scratching is a good form of exercise for them. They get to stretch out their bodies and extend and retract their nails. When they scratch, the movements help remove the outer nail sheaths. Cats also scratch to leave visual and olfactory (scent) markers. Their interdigital glands, which…

Why Does My Cat… Roll Around on His Back?

Cats often get unfairly labeled as lazy and aloof when, in fact, they can be quite expressive and frisky, even though their actions can at times seem perplexing. Take the twisting gyrations some cats perform on their backs. Catnip could be one culprit, but there are also other reasons your kitty might do this shimmy.…

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